The Lincoln Prophecy

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The Lincoln Prophecy by Carter HopkinsLaw professor, Michael Riley, is out for a morning jog along an isolated trail when he hears a disturbing sound in the distance. Peering through the trees, Riley sees a man, code-named Isaac, mutilate a corpse and then swiftly kill his partner. But as Isaac flees the scene, he knows there was a witness to his crimes.

Instantly, Riley is thrust into a world of government conspiracy and cyber terrorism – a world he knows nothing about. A frantic 911 call sparks an F.B.I. investigation filled with glaring omissions and vague accusations. Unsure who to trust, Riley turns to his friend and brilliant computer science professor, Amie Hawkins. Together, Riley and Amie learn that Isaac has discovered a deep government secret that could change the course of history.

With Isaac and the F.B.I. a step behind them, Riley and Amie race to unravel a series of riddles and cryptic clues that could expose the secret and discover Isaac’s devastating plot before he can strike again.

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